Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book2Buzz Productions

Book2Buzz Productions is bringing to you high quality, unique, and unforgettable book trailers with beyond competitive prices!

What is a book trailer?

A book trailer is a teaser for books! Usually between 90 seconds and 2 minutes, a book trailer highlights and features hot points within your book. It's a crucial marketing tool created to intrigue the readers and leave them wanting more with only one option read your book! It's a visual representation of your book and an author's calling card!

Let Book2Buzz Productions make your book visible!


Email to set up a consultation with Jovon!

Is this going to break my bank?

Other production companies are charging anywhere from $600-$1,300. We provide twice the quality for a fraction of the cost, personalized services, and you have control over the final product. Check out our packages below! 

Book2Buzz Productions are a fraction of competitors prices yet twice the quality!

Check out what Book2Buzz Productions has to offer:

Prices are based on a case by case basis depending on what you, the author, wants. When you let Book2Buzz Productions know what you want, you will be given two separate quotes for your convenience. 

Additional services at no extra cost include:

* 2X a day for 2 weeks - Promotional tweets featuring your book trailer
* 1X a day for 2 weeks - Promotional post on the Book2Buzz Facebook fan page
* 1X a day for 2 weeks - Promotional post on Jovon's personal Facebook page
* Book2Buzz Productions will post your trailer within a promotional post on the Book2Buzz blog and the           following sites:,, and
* Book2Buzz Productions will also post promotional posts featuring your trailer on and bookblogs.ning.

New - Book2Buzz Productions has now teamed up with CTC Virtual Book Tours! With any package you choose, CTC Virtual Book Tours and Book2Buzz Productions will now organize a trailer release complete with multiple bloggers hosting it for optimal promotion! This is a FREE service included in your package!

Available options:

* Additional revision
* Promotional image [from trailer]
* Voice over (when available)- Coming soon!
* Additional promotional Image -Extra cost
* High quality music available
* Professionally blended promotional image [using any 2 images from trailer OR new images] 

With a timely response from client, turn around time for trailers is around 5-14 days depending on what kind of revisions and amount of revisions.

Payment options:

Half payment upon booking, full payment upon completion. We are currently taking payment through PayPal only.


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